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Munda Biddi Trail

  • Region: Shire of Murray, Shire of Serpentine/Jarrahdale, Shire of Waroona
  • Type:Mountain Biking
  • Length:154kms (Part in Peel Region)
  • Grade:MTB Class 1-2
  • Trail Manager:DEC
  • Start Point:State Forest

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The Munda Biddi Trail (which means path through the forest in the Nyoongar Aboriginal language) is Western Australia’s premier long distance off-road cycling experience. Starting in Mundaring,the Trail meanders through scenic river valleys and the magnifi cent forests of the state’s South West. Joined by purpose built track, the Munda Biddi uses a network of bush tracks, firebreaks, and disused railway formations and has sections suitable for cyclists of all ages and experience levels.

Every day out on the Trail promises a different experience. Cycle through towering eucalyptus forests and ancient, unspoiled bushland, discovering plants and wildlife not found anywhere else in the world as you enter one of the world’s 25 biodiversity hotspots. Camp out in purpose built shelters spaced a day’s ride apart or stay in quaint country towns. Learn about Aboriginal culture and the rich heritage of the region as you visit wineries and attractions of the South West.

In general, the northern section of the Munda Biddi Trail will be the hardest as you negotiate in and out of the river valleys in the Darling Scarp. Don’t hesitate to get off your bike on the hills and take in the scenery at a relaxed pace. Purpose-built cycle-friendly campsites have been built every 35-40km between towns.

The Sculpture Park in Mundaring forms the northern terminus of the Munda Biddi Trail. Located 30 kilometres north-east out of the city of Perth, Mundaring is about a 45 minute drive into the heart of the hills. Take Great Eastern Highway, through Midland and make the climb up Greenmount Hill where you will begin to feel the change in the air!

The most convenient way to get to the Trail is with your own vehicle or to have someone drop you off. Vehicle access points are marked with a red car on the Munda Biddi maps. You can do an out-and-back trip or arrange to leave a car at either end of your ride.
The trail is well marked with two types of markers – those located on yellow posts and others on trees. As a general rule the markers are situated every few hundred meters, or when required at critical intersections to point you in the right direction.

  • . Image By: Top Trails Western Australia
  • . Image By: Top Trails Western Australia
  • Yarri Campsite on the Munda Biddi Trail. Image By: Top Trails Western Australia
  • Munda Biddi trail near Dwellingup. Image By: Jillian van Zijl

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